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HELPFUL HINT: Write ALL of your usernames and passwords in Notes on your phone or Notebook. Trust will save a lot of headache later.

Apply to Texas Colleges -
  • Set up and account
  • Begin applying to college
  • Some applications are free. 
  • If you took the SAT, you have college application fee waivers in your Collegeboard account.
Learn about the Different Types of Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid beginning October 1 (you will have to redo this annually) 
  • Student Create an FSA ID #
  • Parent create an FSA ID #
  • FSA ID will be your private electronic signature code. 
  • Complete the Current year Financial Aid Application 
  • Use parents (and your, if applicable) previous year tax transcript (you will need that information to complete the application). 
  • If you are a citizen of the United States, you will include your social security number. If your parents are NOT a citizen of the United States, their social security number will be 000-00-000.
  • Once completed & processed - you will see how much money in Federal Grants (free money) and Loans you qualify for. 
  • GOAL: Finish FAFSA applications by December of this year
Financial Aid for Non-Citizen Students
- TASFA (Texas Application for State Financial Aid)
  • Download and print the current year's TASFA Application. 
  • Fill it out and add copies of the required paperwork listed on the application
  • Make a copy (of everything) for yourself to keep
  • Mail the Application to the College financial aid office you have been accepted to. 
  • Follow-up with the college financial aid office every other week by phone until they tell you they have received and processed your TASFA.***It does take time. 
Free National and State Scholarship Applications
Local Scholarship Applications
- Senior Scholarship Board in B-Hall (Updated regularly)
  • September: Ask 3 teachers to write you "a general recommendation letter" and make at least 10 copies (start will need these and teachers may not have time for last minute requests.)
  • Scholarship Essays: Type your essays and save them on a computer or jump drive. A lot of essays are similar, so you can just tweek it and will save you time. 
  • Turn the application in BEFORE THE DEADLINE. People like early! 
  • You are responsible for reading the eligibility requirements, completing the applications and submitting them to the location listed on the application BEFORE THE DEADLINE (if no address is listed, talk to the counselor).



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